Synergy Yield Farming Optimiser (SFARM)

How does it work SFARM?

3 min readMay 19, 2021

About Synergy Yield Farming Optimiser (SFARM)

SFARM it’s an innovative universal index designed to track the performance of liquidity mining on the decentralized exchanges. The index is based on an automatic reinvestment system, which allows the yield to earn up to 150% annually.

The DeFi Optimizer is unique because it requires no intermediaries or third party involvement. All interactions are based on the algorithms that you can track and control.

SFARM automatically maintains all user’s operations and makes it easy to profit from their cryptocurrency capital in a secure and decentralized way. SFARM smart contracts and multiple investment strategies automatically maximize user rewards from various liquidity pools and other balance-boosting opportunities into the DeFi ecosystem. SFARM can become your reliable assistant and guide to the decentralized technologies world while it also saves time and reduces stress.

The optimizer does not require any special technical knowledge and suits the newcomers. Experienced traders can appreciate the real effectiveness of tools which make life easier and allow them to increase income consistently. Project development team has extensive experience in projects accelerating and cryptocurrency trading, so the developers tried to make the product as effective as possible by applying the innovative optimisation algorithms.

How Does It Work?

Synergy Yield Farming Optimiser (SFARM) is a multipurpose model to improve efficiency of liquidity mining on DEX. System designed to provide stablecoins to the liquidity pool of decentralized exchanges. Users earn 80% of these platforms’ incomes due to this model.

The optimizer will automatically convert profits into stablecoins and reinvest the profits back. This strategy is aimed at a systematic financial increase and guaranteed income from the exchange turnover.

SFARM is based on the ​​balanced investment strategy using profits both of falling and increasing market indexes. Ecosystem uses hard currency providing additional stability and minigatel volatility.

The system is based on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols, all transactions are performed through the Ethereum smart contracts. The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem helps to reduce the transaction fees.

About SFARM Token

The SFarm ecosystem utility token was designed to help in tracking profits. Its market value reflects the efficiency of farming. sFarm price growth is indexed every 4 hours during the reinvestment process.

Deposits and withdrawals to the wallet in the user’s accounts proceed in BNB/ETH. The balance of the current amount of sFarm tokens is displayed in the user’s accounts. Also there is an infographic of growth in the indexing process depending on the efficiency of farming.

What Makes SFARM Unique?

There are a few key reasons as to why SFARM differs from a large number of Yield Optimizers out there today:

  • the professional strong team of crypto enthusiasts, who are strictly result-oriented;
  • SFARM is flexible and runs on multiple blockchains;
  • offers unique strategies that other yield optimizers do not have;
  • based on a balanced investment system;
  • yield can reach 150% per annum;
  • works with stablecoins and hard currencies, which guarantees stability;
  • intuitive interface and low entry threshold for the beginners.

What are yield optimizers and liquidity mining?

These are decentralized protocols, smart contracts that are programmed to automatically increase income through reinvestment. At its simplest level, a Yield Optimizer can move assets by constantly monitoring some pools that offer the best APY. Protocols algorithmically scan the market to find the best opportunities to increase profitability. Optimizers work with liquidity providers who fund the liquidity pools. A liquidity pool is a smart contract that contains funds. Users are rewarded for providing liquidity to the pool.

Optimizers allow users to make money on their own digital assets without wasting time and nerves on it. Smart contracts are trustless, transparent, decentralised and do not require a third party. It is a way to earn cryptocurrency using liquidity protocols. Farming allows anyone to earn passive income using the Ethereum decentralized ecosystem. Farming can be compared to staking where all the reinvestment processes are automated by algorithms.