Synergy Coin Pool

3 min readOct 13, 2021

How to buy CP?

How to buy CoinPool (CP) token

First, you need to install a wallet:
Install Trust Wallet on your mobile device. You can find it in the App Store (for Apple technology) or Google Play (for Android and google chrome)
After installing the Trust Wallet, go through the wallet registration.
Write down and save in a safe place the 12 words that the application will give you. Without them, you will not be able to recover the wallet in case of password loss. Do not store them on your computer or in notes on your phone. This is the Safety and Security of your funds.
3. Now you can top up your wallet balance.
You can find the address of the wallet for replenishing the deposit by clicking on the token you need.
To reduce the cost of transaction fees within the ERC20 network (Commission cost $ 20),
We recommend that you use the Smart Chain (BEP20). (The on-net transfer fee is less than $ 1.)

To do this, you need to add “BNB Smart chain” in Trust Wallet
Click on the icon in the upper right corner and enter “Smart Chain” in the search bar
“Smart Chain BNB” will be displayed, press the toggle switch to include it in the list of tokens. Example in picture 1

Picture 1
To activate a wallet within the BEP20 network, you need to send a “BNB” token in the amount of $ 1 or more to the address of the “Smart Chain BNB” wallet you added.
You can copy the address for replenishing the balance, as shown in Picture 2

Picture 2
Now you can top up your wallet balance and transfer funds on the BEP20 & ERC20 network.
You can buy a CoinPool (CP) token with any BEP20 & ERC20 network token. For your convenience, when activating a wallet inside the BNB smart Chain, you can send the amount that you plan to invest in CoinPool (CP). After funding your wallet, buy CoinPool (CP) for BNB.
To buy CoinPool (CP), select the token in your wallet that you will exchange and press the “Send” button
Enter the address of the CoinPool (CP) token in the “Recipient Address” line


After sending your token, the Smart Contract will automatically convert the token to CoinPool (CP) at the current rate of the CoinPool (CP) — USDT pairs and your wallet will receive CoinPool (CP) Tokens equal to the amount of your purchase.
Conversion within a Smart Contract may take some time.

The CoinPool (CP) token in the Trust Wallet will be automatically displayed.
You can exchange the CoinPool (CP) token by sending it to the same address as when purchasing:


You will receive “USDT” to your wallet at the current rate of CoinPool (CP) — USDT

Do not send your funds when purchasing CoinPool (CP) directly from exchanges. In the case of such sending, CoinPool (CP) cannot be sent to the exchange wallet address and will be lost.