Synergy Coin Pool

Coin Pool “CP”

4 min readOct 13, 2021

Synergy Coin Pool- is a next generation universal index, profitability optimizer from Farming that tracks the performance of liquidity mining on decentralized platforms. An advanced arbitration system automatically finds the pool with the most favorable conditions and connects to it itself. With this approach, the yield can reach 150% APR.

The Synergy Coin Pool Optimizer does not require any special technical knowledge and is suitable for users of any level. In particular, the project will be useful to clients who do not have time to monitor pharming projects, assess risks and calculate various investment options. Thanks to Synergy Coin Pool, you no longer need to use many platforms, spend a decent percentage of income on commissions. The optimizer takes care of customers and independently chooses the platforms with the most profitable rate, and the tokens are automatically indexed.

Synergy Coin Pool makes it easy to profit from cryptocurrency capital in a secure and decentralized way. With a suite of smart contracts and multiple investment strategies, the optimizer automatically maximizes user rewards from various liquidity pools in the DeFi ecosystem. It saves time, reduces stress and can be your reliable assistant and guide to the world of decentralized technologies.

How it works?
By providing a loan to the liquidity pool of decentralized exchanges, we earn 80% of the income of decentralized exchanges. The optimizer will automatically convert profits and reinvest in the pool. This is a working strategy for a systematic increase in investment for a guaranteed income from the turnover of the exchange.
The strategy was created on the basis of the idea of ​​balanced investment: income in a falling market is more than in a growing one. The model of a flexible hybrid system of two types of pools adds stability and control, reduces risks and volatility.
The system is based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols, all transactions are performed through smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain. Working in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem removes the limitations of high transaction and reinvestment fees.

About Synergy Coin Pool “CP”
Synergy Coin Pool is a hybrid pool of leading DeFi projects. Internal token of the project — CP. This pool takes into account not only the annual profitability, but also the rate of tokens as separate units. Therefore, the rate of the internal token can both rise and fall.
This pool uses cutting-edge technology to create a reliable environment for increased profitability. It includes PancakeSwap / $ CAKE, Binance Smart Chain / $ BNB and Ethereum / $ ETH.
All three projects have become legends in the world of decentralized finance, gaining the trust of users. The tokens of these projects have become the basic crypto-assets in the decentralized space.

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain platform from one of the largest exchanges, Binance, on which smart contracts have emerged. The dual blockchain architecture gives users the ability to build their decentralized applications and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of fast transactions on the other. The maximum daily transaction volume on the Binance Smart Chain has reached 12 million, and the transaction volume has exceeded 700 million all the time. BNB is one of the most innovative coins on the market right now. Binance has taken advantage of years of experience and created a secure cryptocurrency that operates on the network at high speeds and low fees. BNB capitalization has reached $ 48,103,189,266 so far. There are 153,432,897.00 BNB in ​​circulation. Thus, it is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world by capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum is one of the oldest, time-tested technologies alongside the Bitcoin network. The network consists of 2.5 million nodes, on average, the total amount of transactions per day reaches $ 2.6 billion.The market capitalization of ETH tokens is $ 225.05 billion, and in circulation — 116.70 million ETH. Now, in terms of capitalization, this cryptocurrency is the highest after Bitcoin.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange for exchanging BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, the record holder for trading volume and pharming. In May 2021, the platform had 22 million unique site visits, and this number continues to grow. The project token, CAKE, has unique qualities, its capitalization in a short time reached $ 2,741,957,982. PancakeSwap has been audited by CertiK, which means it is completely safe and tested. PancakeSwap is the largest AMM project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and has a number of innovative features.

Distribution of tokens in the pool: CAKE — 50%, BNB — 25%, ETH — 25%.

How profitability is calculated: Algorithms automatically calculate profitability based on the price of CAKE, BNB and ETH tokens, as well as based on daily profit from Farming.

What are profitability optimizers and liquidity mining?
These are smart contracts, decentralized protocols, programmed to automatically increase income through reinvestment. At the same time, trades take place with a pool of liquidity, and not through order books. User funds populate these pools. After depositing funds into the pool, users receive tokens from the liquidity provider. They are used to get back their share and get some of the trading commissions.
At its simplest level, the Profitability Optimizer can move assets by constantly monitoring the pools that offer the best APY. The protocols scan the market algorithmically to find the best opportunities to increase profitability. Optimizers work with liquidity providers who add funds to liquidity pools.
A liquidity pool is a decentralized protocol that contains assets. Pools reward users in exchange for providing liquidity.
Optimizers allow you to make money on your own digital assets without having to spend time and nerves on it. Smart contracts protect the investment process from human error, do not require a third party, and are completely decentralized and transparent. It is a way to earn cryptocurrency using liquidity protocols that allows anyone to earn passive income using decentralized ecosystems. In a sense, Farming can be compared to staking, only all reinvestment processes are automated by algorithms.